Lawn irrigation is essential if you want to keep your lawns lush and green. Simply, lawn irrigation is the systematic process of supplying water to lawns and landscapes. When the grass and plants are healthy, you can expect the lawn to be beautiful and lustrous as well.

As a homeowner, you can install simple irrigation systems. But for a more reliable and effective irrigation in your landscape, you need to get professional irrigation services. Dreamscapes will not only guarantee installation of high-quality materials but will also help you lower the maintenance cost of the irrigation system with our Water management & maintenance program. 



Too often we find irrigation systems that have not been properly installed or adjusted. There is more involved in irrigation systems than most know. Such as, radius measurements, zone planning, rotor adjustments, and controller programs. Which is why it is important to hire a professional irrigation contractor. 

Dreamscapes offers a variety of irrigation services and custom water management programs. We can create personalized programs to fit the needs of your budget and property. By adjusting your irrigation heads and maintaining your irrigation system annually, you can assure yourself that the system is properly functioning and distrubuting water throuhout your turf.

During hot and dry conditions, it is a good idea to conserve water in any way possible, so here are some general tips for water conservation. Don't go straight for the spigot when it's time to water. Collect roof water from downspouts and use that first. Wet your soil slowly and deeply by using a sprinkler system or sprinkler hose. That way, less water will sit on top of your lawn waiting to evaporate. It's also the best practice to water your lawn and plants in the morning (usually before 9 am) when humidity is high, because you'll lose less water to evaporation.


Landscaping is more than pruning shrubs and installing mulch. Landscaping is art, and self expression! With your design, the sky is the limits. We are licensed landscape contractors that not only maintain your landscaping but can work with you to design a complete landscape makeover.

For Kentucky homeowners and commercial property owners, the search for a dependable landscaping contractor should not be difficult. Dreamscapes of Louisville, Inc. is one of the leading landscaping contractors in Kentucky. We can serve your needs from designing, to the installation, and even maintaining your landscaping. Ask your salesman about our personalized landscape maintenance program and let us make your life easier.


Finding a reliable landscaping company that can provide lawn care services is not easy. As a client of a lawn care company, you should only get the best service, since you do not want to have an uneven lawn or grass clippings left behind after the lawn maintenance process. Check their length of experience in the landscaping industry. To give you a safer choice, opt for our company. We've been serving the Louisville area for over 10 years now. We also offer other service options that you can mix and match to perfectly address the needs of your lawn. For a complete make-over, we also offer lawn renovations.


As the seasons change from Summer to Fall and the leaves begin to drop, it is essential to remove leaves from your turf area to maintain the healthy lawn you have worked hard for all year long. When leaves sit in the same spot (especially when wet) they will kill off the turf underneath them. Dreamscapes has a leaf removal program that you can customize to your needs, whether we need to just blow leaves to the curb for your neighborhood pickup or remove the leaves off site ourselves.  Call us now for more details about our leaf removal services.


Paver Patios, Driveways, WALKWAYS

Your landscaping is an extension of your home. What better way to increase your outdoor living space than to add a paver patio complete with sitting benches and a fire pit.   Paver patio areas are great for hosting outdoor parties, relaxing in your own backyard, or providing a slip resistant surface around your pool.  We are a proud member of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, and we install all projects to ICPI spec. Whether you're looking for a manufactured paver or a more natural stone, Dreamscapes is your top choice paver patio contractor in Louisville, Ky and surrounding areas.

We offer a variety of pavers and stone products. We now offer Techo-Bloc products. Be sure to check their website to see different product choices and design ideas! 

Fire pits & Outdoor Kitchens

Thinking of building a paver patio or looking for a way to add to your existing patio.  Dreamscapes offers either a natural gas or wood-burning fire pits in a variety of styles and colors. Fire pits are a great way to make your outdoor area more welcoming, warm, and enjoyable for everyone. They not only offer warmth, but they also offer an ambience to your backyard like nothing else can. We guarantee our fire pits for 5 years! 

We also offer a variety of Outdoor Kitchen designs, wheteher you're looking for a "Grill n Chill" area, or wanting a complete natural gas kitchen with a wine and beverage chiller.



Snow Removal

From snow plowing to de-icing your parking lot, snow and Ice management services plays an essential role in the business world.  If you manage or own commercial properties, you know how important Snow removal services are for the safety of your employees, clients, or even tenants. It is important to have a snow removal contractor that not only knows how to perform snow plowing services, but understands the importance in performing such snow plowing services in a timely and professional manner. Ask your sales associate how snow removal services can increase your company's productivity!